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Driver Licensing Monitoring

Driver Licensing Monitoring

Relying on employee notifications or annual Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) reviews to learn about a recent citation or license revocation may be risky. Obtaining this information in advance, allows you to take prompt corrective action to address any potential problems

HireRight’s Driver License Monitoring service has direct access to all state licensing agencies and checks for new violations, DUI/DWI convictions, invalid licenses, and approaching license or medical certification expirations where available.

Key Benefits
  • Provides timely alerts on drivers with recent MVR activity
  • Monitors, normalizes, and assigns points to motor vehicle violations
  • Summarizes recent driver activity into a user-friendly dashboard

HireRight Driver Licensing Monitoring Benefits

Traditionally, MVRs may have been challenging to read and decipher because each state has their own unique codes for violations, license status, and crashes. Driver Monitoring decodes all violations on each state’s MVR, helping you save time.

  • Helps identify potentially high risk drivers, so they can take steps to reduce accidents
  • Can reduce administrative time reviewing and interpreting records
  • Automates and simplifies the management of driver MVR data
  • Allows employers to set policy for annual MVR purchases
  • Assists in reducing likelihood of driver out-of-service orders
  • Enables motor carriers to take proactive steps to improve CSA score

Key Features

  • Highlights only those drivers with recent MVR activity and provides timely email alerts where available
  • Monitors and reports on drivers by type, location or division
  • Tracks CDL license and DOT medical card expiration dates where available
  • Users select when to purchase the required annual records
  • Assigns points based on specific driver events
  • On-demand access to driver reports and individual driver data
  • Allows companies to implement consistent driver management policies across geographical or jurisdictional boundaries
  • Allows designation of driver type for various reporting and status checks such as DOT medical certification