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Commercial Driver’s License Information System Plus (CDLIS+)

Identifies States Where Drivers Hold or Have Held Commercial Drivers' Licenses

The Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) is a database administered by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA). A federal mandate requires all states to store information in CDLIS about the commercial driver’s licenses they have administered.  

HireRight’s CDLIS+ searches not only the AAMVA database but also our proprietary Multiple License Pointer File (MLPF) which contains information from previous HireRight MVR searches. This value-added service reports any additional licenses found that did not show up in the AAMVA search.

Key Benefits
  • Verifies a driver's current license
  • Identifies additional licenses previously held
  • Immediate turnaround to facilitate quick hiring decisions

HireRight Commercial Driver's License Information System Plus (CDLIS+) Benefits

The CDLIS+ report verifies the current state and license number of a driver as well as up to three prior CDLs the driver may have held. It can quickly eliminate an applicant who does not hold a commercial driver’s license or identify issues that may need to be addressed at the state.

  • Validates whether a driver holds a current commercial driver’s license
  • Reveals state licenses that drivers may be trying to hide
  • Lists additional states where MVRs should be ordered
  • Multiple License Pointer File discovers errors or omissions in CDLIS database
  • Improves report accuracy with built-in order-entry error checking technology
  • Compliant with DOT, FMCSA and FCRA regulations

Key Features

  • Finds records by matching SSN and name
  • Immediate turnaround time
  • Report generated if system is unable to find a CDL for a given driver
  • Searches multiple sources of public and proprietary information
  • Nearly one million driving record searches added each month to HireRight database