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CDLIS+ Complete

Comprehensive Driver Records with One Order

With one single order, HireRight will automatically provide Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) and/or Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) reports for you based on state license information reported from HireRight’s CDLIS+ search. 

Comprehensive license searches are done through the Commercial Drivers’ License Information System (CDLIS) to verify the current state and license number of your driver as well as up to three prior CDLs the driver may have held PLUS HireRight’s proprietary Multiple License Pointer File to find additional licenses that may not be contained in the CDLIS database.

Key Benefits
  • Streamlines ordering of MVRs and/or PSP reports with a single order
  • Helps ensure receipt of reports from all applicable states where your driver held a CDL
  • Provides comprehensive reporting for your driver qualification files

You can choose from the following report options:


HireRight automatically places orders to those states where Commercial Driver Licenses (CDLs) are indicated to retrieve the most recent driving records.  


A Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) report is provided for those states reported by CDLIS+ which includes the most recent five years of crash data and three years of roadside inspections. The current CDL and up to 3 previous CDLs reported by CDLIS is the primary data source for PSP searches.  The product can also be configured to include additional licenses from HireRight’s Multiple License Pointer File (MLPF).  PSP supports up to 5 licenses for no additional charge.


For the ultimate in ordering convenience, you can choose to have both MVRs and PSP reports run based on the information returned from the CDLIS+ search. 

CDLIS+ Complete Benefits

When it comes to hiring drivers you need accurate and complete data to quickly make informed hiring decisions. With CDLIS+ Complete, you can place one order and receive multiple reports, saving you the time of having to manually place product orders for each product and state in which your driver held a license. Ordering is simplified and reporting is complete.

  • Saves time from manually placing individual product orders
  • Allows you to choose specific product configurations
  • Covers all states where your driver held a commercial driver’s license
  • Facilitates quick hiring decisions
  • Assists in mitigating the risk of hiring unsafe drivers

Key Features

  • Instant turnaround time for driving records from 48 states with MVR Express
  • Option of MVR Standard with 3 to 24 hour turnaround time for driving records from all states
  • Provides a summary of ordering activities automatically generated for your driver
  • MVRs and PSP reports appear as separate reports 
  • Experienced customer service to help interpret report results
  • Integrated with popular Applicant Tracking and Driver Qualification File systems
  • Supports compliance with DOT and FMCSA regulations