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Identity Checks

Why order Identity Checks?

An identity check can help to provide you with information you can use to be more confident about who exactly it is you are hiring and whether your applicant is being honest with the most basic of personal information. If a potential employee is misrepresenting his or her identity, about what else could they be misleading you?

An identity check can also be a foundational part of a more comprehensive background check, providing essential information needed to move forward with more extensive searches.

HireRight’s identity check services can help fulfill a wide variety of hiring needs:

  • Our U.S. Social Security Trace™ helps to obtain supplemental information (such as address history) that can be used to conduct additional searches 
  • Global passport verifications can be performed for applicants who don’t have a U.S. SSN or in other countries of the world
  • Verification of government-issued identification cards in many non-U.S. countries.

When you bring someone into your organization, you want to be certain his or her identity is valid. After all, we unfortunately live in an age in which identity theft is widespread. Verification of an applicant’s identity is a fairly simple step that will help alleviate concerns of a misappropriated, mistaken, or outright stolen identity.

Why choose Identity Checks?

HireRight understands that establishing an applicant’s identity is an incredibly critical part of the employment screening process. As such, we are proud to offer a variety of services that can help you do so. Moreover, we support them with our strong commitment to customer service, timeliness, and legal compliance, all delivered via innovative technology.

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