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Form I-9 & E-Verify

Why order I-9 & E-Verify?

In the United States, as part of on-boarding a new employee, you must ensure that all the required paperwork is properly completed and submitted. In addition to the various tax, insurance, and internal set-up forms, a crucial part of this early workload is the employee’s employment eligibility verification.

HireRight offers an electronic Form I-9 solution and E-Verify solution designed to help make this aspect of your on-boarding process as easy as possible.

The HireRight solution transforms what has traditionally been a laborious paper-based process into an intuitive online process that enables you to create, view, download, store, and print I-9 forms via a dedicated web-based portal.

The HireRight Solution: 

  • Helps you efficiently manage your Form I-9 and US employment eligibility program 
  • Facilitates your compliance with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements

Key Features: 

  • Electronic Form I-9 completion 
  • I-9 dashboard and reports for easy oversight of your I-9 program
  • Automatic alerts to keep you on top of your I-9 compliance
  • E-verify integration
  • Leverage a variety of workflows for I-9 Form completion to align with your internal processes
  • Remote I-9: access to over 5,000 authorized representatives to complete Form I-9 in person with your remote employees

Why choose I-9 & E-Verify?

Our electronic Form I-9 solution features automated error checking, which helps with accurate form completion – necessary in the face of potentially costly fines for even unintended errors. And in the case of an audit, the HireRight I-9 Solution offers an audit trail, management reports, a dashboard, and an electronic signature feature – all of which helps alleviate the burden of what can be a time-consuming experience.

If your organization is still transitioning from paper to digital forms, the HireRight solution allows you to update paper-form images, so your documentation remains in a central location.

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