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Executive Intelligence

Why order Executive Intelligence?

Your high-profile employees represent the company’s brand to shareholders, media, clients, and personnel. They also enjoy access to your company’s most sensitive financial records, personnel data, and plans for the future. With such high visibility, thorough background screening of your senior personnel is of paramount importance.

HireRight Executive Intelligence is designed especially for organizations that require a more extensive background check on certain individuals slated for high-profile or high-risk positions. A specialized research analyst compiles detailed information, delivering a comprehensive overview of key elements of a candidate’s professional and personal history in an easy-to-understand report.

HireRight’s Executive Intelligence product will help fulfill your hiring needs with these benefits: 

  • Helping you hire the right high-profile candidates
  • Reducing risk in your potential high-profile hires
  • Protecting your brand and reputation   
Executive hiring is a challenge because, unlike regular employees, executive job candidates have unique professional histories and expectations of a white-gloved approach to the hiring process. An executive candidate will also have a more significant ability to influence change at your organization than the average employee, necessitating a more thorough background check.

Why choose Executive Intelligence?

HireRight Executive Intelligence offers various levels of service to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of position types and organizational budgets. Whether you’re hiring an executive leader for a publicly traded company, a privately owned business, or a non-profit organization, you’ll need to establish an executive search and hiring process that goes beyond your normal hiring practices.

Types of Executive Intelligence

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