HireRight is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug screening and I-9 employment eligibility solutions that help organizations efficiently implement, manage and control employment screening programs. Many companies, including more than one third of the Fortune 500, trust HireRight.

Drug & Health Screening

Why order Drug & Health Screening?

Whether you are a small business operating from a single location or an international corporation with thousands of locations, HireRight has a drug testing and wellness solution that fits your drug-free workplace program or Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated testing needs.

HireRight partners with the industry’s most respected SAMSHA certified laboratories and device manufacturers to offer our clients a full suite of testing methodologies and services including:

  • Laboratory based urine, oral fluid and hair drug testing
  • Alcohol screening devices and evidentiary breath alcohol testing
  • Point of collection (instant) drug testing devices
  • Physical exams and wellness services  - DOT and client specific exam protocols
  • Paper and electronic chain of custody forms
  • Random program management, emergency testing services and onsite collections

HireRight’s solution engineers work with you to understand your compliance requirements, policy needs and to discuss testing options that fit best with your company so that you can select a solution that meets and exceeds your organization’s needs. 

HireRight’s clinic network includes more than 20,000 locations including patient service centers, third-party collection sites, and mobile collectors. Even more important than the number of locations available to our clients, our user-friendly platform allows you to electronically schedule drug, alcohol and wellness services in a single order. 

Hiring remotely? HireRight allows you to design your network’s parameters based on services, cost and acceptable distance, and allows the donor to schedule collection at the most convenient location…improving your candidates’ experience and reducing your time from offer to start!

Why choose Drug & Health Screening?

As members of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and the Substance Abuse Professionals Administrators Association (SAPAA), HireRight provides our clients with information to keep current with changing laws, updated regulations, leading edge technologies and best-practice recommendations. 

Our board-certified Medical Review Officers (MROs) ensure that your test results are reviewed to determine permissible use of controlled substances and alert you to any safety concerns or additional testing needs.

Best of all, HireRight’s drug testing and wellness services can be fully integrated with our background screening packages through a single interface, giving you visibility to your candidate assessment results, saving you time and money with our closed-loop solution.

Types of Drug & Health Screening

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