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Extend the Candidate Experience into Background Screening

Why order Candidate Experience?

Employers know that the hiring journey does not end with the offer letter. Background screening is an important, and often overlooked, aspect of the candidate experience. At HireRight, we understand how important it is to help employers extend a positive candidate experience into the screening process.

Our feedback surveys indicate that candidates value accessibility, transparency, and quick, honest answers to their questions. Our focus on the candidate experience, along with our state-of-the-art Applicant Center, are designed specifically to help address these concerns.

HireRight takes a candidate-centric approach to background screening to help people get hired, treating candidates like potential, future employees. Consequently, we focus on facilitating the candidate journey throughout the comprehensive screening experience.

Candidate Screening Experience Lifecycle

Why choose Candidate Experience?


Applicant Center, our candidate-facing platform, is designed to provide a positive candidate and customer experience with greater efficiency and consistency and features WCAG 2.1-compliant updates that improve accessibility for individuals with certain disabilities. The software offers customizable settings that allow the user interface to be tailored to the applicant’s individual needs. For example, the applicant is provided with the ability to use a screen reader to read text or to alter the color contrast for improved visibility.



We invest in making recruiters and employers aware of the many nuances and complexities of screening. Education is provided through blogs (such as the Common Recruiter Questions post), regular free learning webinars, important legal updates via our Compliance Central library, access to regulatory insights from our legal partners, connecting you with your peers at customer meetings and through online forums, as well as sharing tips and best practices to help you manage your program.


Candidate Education

HireRight data indicates that candidates who have been educated about background screening ahead of time are much more likely to be satisfied than those who have not. That is why we invest in preparing candidates for the screen ahead of time, via tools such as our dedicated candidate website, videos, customizable candidate tip sheets, and more. We also offer the ability to extend your employer brand into the screen, to help create a sense of continuity for your candidates throughout their hiring journey.


Information Submission

HireRight Applicant Center is our state-of-the-art mobile technology designed to expedite candidates through the information submission process and manage their screen. To help drive turnaround times and provide a more positive candidate experience, we offer extensive integrations with applicant tracking system (ATS) and social media channels. Candidate data is pre-populated into the Applicant Center, eliminating the need for multiple data entry and reducing possible data errors.


Report Processing

Lack of visibility into the report processing status is yet another common area of candidate frustration. With Applicant Center, candidates can better understand the status of their screen with tools such as our patented turnaround prediction technology, the ability to obtain real-time status updates via email and SMS/text notifications, as well as the option to contact our dedicated Candidate Care team.


Report Completion

Candidates can access a copy of their completed report directly from the Applicant Center. Should questions or concerns arise, dedicated Care and Relations teams assist candidates with the screening questions. Feedback is regularly collected to improve our services and provide a positive background candidate experience.

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