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Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Automatic Adjudication

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Automatic Adjudication

Manually reviewing MVR records is extremely time consuming, especially during peak hiring or annual review seasons. Each state has their own unique set of codes for violations, license status and crashes; so trying to decipher what the different codes mean and how they apply to employer guidelines can be challenging. Inconsistencies in interpreting results may arise when multiple individuals are involved in record evaluations.   

HireRight’s MVR adjudication service streamlines the review process by comparing the MVR results of a driver to the employer’s defined hiring guidelines. Adjudication rules can be as simple or complex as required and can be used with MVR Standard or MVR Express products.

How Does Adjudication Work?

  1. The customer provides a MVR grading spreadsheet to HireRight which maps the point values they want assigned for each violation and the corresponding time period. Minimum and maximum time periods can be used to set different point values.

    Sample MVR Grading (provided for example purposes only)

    HPC Code Duration Minimum Points Duration Maximum Points Description
    A10 1-24 mos. 4 25-36 mos. 3 Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol with BAC at or over .10
    AC2 1-24 mos. 8 25-36 mos. 6 Accident Property Damage
    AC4 1-24 mos. 15 25-48 mos. 10 Accident Fatality
  2. Once the MVR grading has been determined, the customer provides their threshold guidelines on how they want automated adjudication handled based on accumulated point totals and the types of violations found. Assigned adjudication statuses may be customized or may include any of the following: Meets Company Standards, Client Review Required and/or Pending-Potential Conflict.

    Sample Adjudication Guidelines (provided for example purposes only)

    Guideline Adjudication Result
    Sum of violation points 1-6 (automatic adjudication) Meets Company Standards
    Sum of violation points 7-10 (automatic adjudication) Client Review Required
    Sum of violation points 11+ Pending – Potential Conflict
    Years licensed – 23 years old or more, less than 1 year of experience Review by HR Adjudication Team


    Additionally, customers may choose to have motor vehicle records routed to HireRight’s adjudication team, after the automated scoring process, for a more in-depth review of special guidelines. Examples include:

    • Medical certificate status
    • Type of driver’s license based on position or package ordered
    • Serious restrictions (i.e. ignition interlock device; daylight driving only)
    • Length of time driver has been licensed
  3. Once an order is placed in the system and the MVR is received, HireRight will run the customer’s established violation point guidelines against the driver’s MVR records. Points will be allocated based on each violation and the adjudication status will be determined and reported to the customer.


Getting Started

For more information about HireRight’s MVR Adjudication Service, call or visit us online 800.400.2761 in the U.S. and Canada or +1 949.428.5800 worldwide.



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Why Use MVR Automatic Adjudication?

  • Automatic review of violations returned within motor vehicle records based on company’s provided guidelines
  • Customer assigns point values based on state violation data
  • Accumulated point totals determine adjudication status

Key Features

  • Available with MVR Standard and MVR Express products
  • Simplifies review process by flagging specific MVRs for further customer review

Companies define their own set of rules for consistent assessments

  • Customer’s pre-adverse and adverse action letters available within the HireRight system

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