HireRight is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug screening and I-9 employment eligibility solutions that help organizations efficiently implement, manage and control employment screening programs. Many companies, including more than one third of the Fortune 500, trust HireRight.

Helping Accelerate the Future of Background Verifications

Validating the applicant’s prior education and employment details can often slow down the background verification process. The applicant’s education and employment information often only exists in physical forms such as diplomas, pay stubs or W-2s, and these documents must be verified at the source for every requested verification.

What if the applicant could offer valid and verifiable credentials in digital format that need only be verified once and could be accessed from anywhere?

The Future of Identity Verification

As the leader in global background screening, and both advocates and developers of the latest technology to make background checks faster and easier to manage, HireRight predicts a monumental shift in how identity will function in the future. Paper-based records such as birth certificates, citizenship papers, university degrees, licenses or other certifications, will exist in valid and secure digital format, enabling individuals to safely share credentials and validate their experience, accumulated skills, and licensure via a personal digital wallet.

Empower Candidates to Manage Their Data and Verify from Their Device

New technologies that can eliminate the need to repeat certain verifications such as Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), are emerging and show early promise. Implementing this technology would enable Candidates to manage their own data and hold it in an encrypted, tamper-proof digital wallet while controlling who and when someone can view it — all from their mobile device.

Optimizing Your Process Through Advancements in Technology

HireRight is committed to helping accelerate the future of background verifications and is supporting the deployment of these and other innovations. With recent advances and still-emerging technologies and standards, we are exploring multiple proof of concepts (PoCs) and pilots to validate the right use cases, technologies, and processes. We aim to get it right for all the stakeholders involved. We are closely monitoring developments in our space and will continue to build partnerships with like-minded organizations and academia.

Learn more about our recent partnership with Velocity Network.

Onboard Faster With Accuracy and Privacy

HireRight believes a transformed background verification that empowers the applicant by reducing friction, enhances privacy, and improves accuracy and will eventually enable a smoother and faster onboarding of talent, delivering significant benefits to our valued partners.

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