HireRight is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug screening and I-9 employment eligibility solutions that help organizations efficiently implement, manage and control employment screening programs. Many companies, including more than one third of the Fortune 500, trust HireRight.

EMT and Paramedic Background Check

An emergency medical technician (EMT) or paramedic responds to a life-or-death situation by going to the scene to care for an injured individual. They attempt to identify the extent of the injury and administer care on the spot, and then transport the patient to a hospital or other health care facility for further treatment. Formal training and a state license is required of these employees and the job is particularly strenuous and stressful. Organizations can run a background check on the individual’s employment and education history, confirm an applicant’s professional license and perform periodic checks to verify it is renewed, identify if the applicant has a criminal record history and initiate a broad search of national sex offender registries to see if the individual has a record. It’s also important to identify the status of an applicant’s driver’s license and perform a urine test in compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements.

HireRight EMT and Paramedic Background Check™

HireRight can customize a package of screening services based on best practices that help health care organizations meet their budget, organizational and regulatory compliance requirements and level of risk tolerance. To achieve those objectives, the HireRight EMT and Paramedic Background Check™ may include these services.

Identify whether a Social Security Number (SSN) may be invalid using information and number assignment methodology from the Social Security Administration (SSA). For any SSN issued before June 25, 2011, the HireRight Social Security Number Validation™ identifies the year and state of issuance and checks the SSA Death Index to help detect anomalies.

Identify the names and addresses associated with a Social Security Number (SSN) using information obtained from one of the nationwide credit reporting agencies. The HireRight Social Security Number Trace™ provides an applicant’s history of addresses based on where the applicant has established credit. This may provide more information for other screening services and can also help detect an incorrect SSN.

Identify whether applicants have a criminal record history in the jurisdiction corresponding to their address history. The HireRight Criminal, Felony and Misdemeanor Records Search™ helps to identify potential felony and misdemeanor criminal history by searching county court records where an applicant has resided.

Expand the investigation of an applicant’s criminal history by searching additional databases to locate potential criminal records data. HireRight Widescreen Plus™ enables organizations to conduct a wider search of an applicant’s potential criminal history by identifying possible criminal history records beyond an applicant’s known address history and stated work locations. Possible records are verified at the source before being reported.

Identify whether an applicant has a history of any federal crimes, which generally include incidents that violate federal law or occur on federal property. The HireRight Federal Criminal Records Search™ reveals potential criminal records for incidents that are prosecuted in the United States District Courts, such as identity theft, Internet use violations, embezzlement or kidnapping.

Review potential negative criminal history on applicants that may prevent them from working in certain health care positions. The HireRight Health Care Statewide Criminal Check™ searches state law enforcement agency or criminal history repositories, as applicable, in the U.S. that typically contain misdemeanors, felonies and traffic offenses to identify records relating to an applicant.

Initiate a broader search of sex offender registries. The HireRight National Sex Offender Registry Search™ conducts a search via the National Sex Offender public website, which searches information about sex offenders for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and many U.S. tribes.

Confirm if an applicant or employee has been sanctioned or excluded from participating in federal and state health care programs. The HireRight Health Care Sanction Check™ goes beyond OIG and GSA checks to search the Fraud and Abuse Control Information System (FACIS®), a current and historical database of sanctions, exclusions, debarments and disciplinary actions, for information about an applicant. If there is a confirmed record, HireRight can directly contact the sanctioning board to confirm or clear possible name matches returned by FACIS® based on identifiers provided by the customer.  HireRight Health Care Sanction Monitoring performs the same search on an ongoing basis.

There are four levels of searches:

  • Level 1 (Federal) conducts a search of the sanction information as reported by the OIG, the GSA, and various other federal agencies.
  • Level 1M (Federal + State Exclusion Lists) combines Level 1 which searches multiple federal agencies—with state Medicaid exclusion lists in more than 20 states
  • Level 2 (Federal, State Exclusion Lists + 1 State) combines Level 1M which searches multiple federal agencies and available state Medicaid exclusion lists with available state agency searches conducted in one state of your choice.
  • Level 3 (Federal, State Exclusion Lists + 50 States) combines 1M which searches multiple federal agencies and available state Medicaid exclusion lists with available Level 2 searches conducted in all 50 states.

Identify the status of an applicant’s driver’s license, license type, endorsements, restrictions, driving violations, suspensions and revocations. The HireRight Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Check™ provides this information and shows driving under the influence (DUI) convictions for states that report this type of information in driving records.

Identify whether applicants accurately reported education information on their resume or job application. HireRight Education Verification™ confirms an applicant’s credentials by verifying that a degree, certificate or diploma was received. Verification may be obtained either directly from an institution or through its authorized agent.

Save time confirming an applicant’s professional license. The HireRight Professional License Verification™ confirms an applicant’s license with the issuing authority, reveals if there are any disciplinary actions with that authority, and identifies renewal and expiration dates. In addition to performing a professional license check on an applicant prior to employment, organizations may want to check to confirm the employee’s license is valid and in good standing on an ongoing basis. Organizations can submit their roster to HireRight’s Professional License Tracking™ service at pre-defined intervals in advance of a renewal deadline to keep employees informed of this requirement and allow them enough time to satisfy continuing education and testing requirements.

Eliminate the time-consuming process of verifying employment history. HireRight Employment Verification™ confirms an applicant’s work history, such as company names and locations, dates, positions or titles held along with compensation. Verification may be obtained either directly with former employers or through their authorized agents.

Test for the presence of illicit substances using a five-panel DOT-compliant drug test and Federal Custody and Control Form (CCF). The HireRight DOT Drug Test™ satisfies Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance requirements including pre-employment, post-accident, random, reasonable suspicion, follow-up and return-to-duty testing.

Options to Consider

Gain information on an applicant that can provide you with greater insight into the applicant’s professional background. The HireRight Professional Reference Check™ uses open-ended questions to interview an applicant’s former colleagues and coworkers and provides a report on their responses.

Test for the presence of alcohol using a DOT-approved device and DOT Alcohol Testing Form to help determine potential alcohol use. The HireRight DOT Alcohol Test™ satisfies Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance requirements including post-accident, random, reasonable suspicion, follow-up and return-to-duty testing. Breath and saliva options are available.

The HireRight DOT Physical Exam™ helps organizations support pre-employment, follow-up and periodic examinations and satisfies Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance requirements for an individual with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Qualified medical examiners from a national medical clinic network perform the physical examinations and determine the final results.