Managing the Risks of Remote Working - HireRight Masterclass

Managing the Risks of Remote Working - HireRight Masterclass

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In March 2020, working from home turned from a company perk to a mandated way of working for many businesses in the UK and around the world. But with this shift in the way that organisations are operating comes additional risks which many may have been unprepared for, or worse, unaware of entirely.

At a time when many households are under financial pressure due to the coronavirus pandemic, employees are working at home outside of the established culture and security of the physical office, perhaps in shared spaces, often for the first time.  

Employees working remotely may pose different risks to their companies, which may not have been considered when they were hired, leaving businesses potentially vulnerable
As businesses are bringing some of their workforce back into their offices, they should consider the potential risks of not properly re-onboarding remote and furloughed employees.

Watch HireRight's Masterclass with Caroline Smith, Deputy General Counsel - International, recorded at the Corporate Research Forum (CRF) Annual Conference, to find out more about some of the emerging risks associated with remote working, and how businesses can take steps to mitigate those risks. 

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