The Impact of Impending Brexit on Background Screening

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In June 2016, when Britain voted to leave the EU, everyone wanted to know what that would mean for them both in their personal life, and in their career. Background screening is no different and with so much still unknown, predicting life post-Brexit is still a challenge for all industries. But we asked senior HR […]

2017 EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report

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Our latest research into the challenges and trends in background screening is now available. This year’s report shows that the same issues are still concerning HR teams, however there are new and immediate challenges that must be addressed. The key theme of our 2017 report seems to be ‘uncertainty’. With political shifts around the globe, […]

2016 HireRight EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report

Social Media Screening, Who’s Doing It? And Why You Shouldn’t

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Our latest benchmarking report gives insights into the social media screening policy of EMEA organisations. With the growth of social media in people’s everyday lives, the inevitable question is, what part does that play in recruitment? At what point do people’s personal profiles become important in hiring? Around the world businesses must now consider whether […]

Employment Application

Nearly Two Thirds of Job Applications Contain Errors

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Almost two thirds (64 per cent) of job applications contained errors in 2015, according to new research by HireRight, the global candidate due diligence company. This represents an eight percentage point rise in the proportion of people, either deliberately or accidentally, including incorrect details when applying for a job (from 56 per cent in 2014). […]

Positive end to 2012 as recruitment rises and application irregularities fall

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2012 closed on a positive note with analysis of HireRight’s EMEA screenings in December 2012 showing hiring rates 16.25% up compared with the same period in 2011. There was also some respite from the trend of increasing irregularities in pre-employment screening checks – the final quarter of 2012 found the number of applications containing at least […]