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Applicants are more honest in a buoyant job market

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As 2013 draws to a close, employers have reasons to be positive. The Reed Job Index for November reported job opportunities to be at a five-year high with more vacancies on the Reed site than at any time since September 2008. Growth is being seen across all industry sectors and all regions in the UK.  […]


Education anomalies at an all-time high

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The exaggeration and falsification of academic qualifications is rife and the media has recently brought to our attention a number of high-profile individuals building a career on fictitious qualifications. Elizabeth O’Bagy, a prominent scholar celebrated by US media and referenced by US Senators in congressional hearings, lied about earning a Ph. D, and lawyer Thomas […]

Lawyer suspended after fabricating CV

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The UK media has widely reported the case of Thomas O’Riordan, a high-flying lawyer suspended last week after it was uncovered that his glittering CV was filled with lies, including claiming five degrees he had not been awarded. Read the full article in The Daily Telegraph. The exaggeration and falsification of his academic and professional […]

Prominent scholar fired for lying about a Ph.D.

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CNN reported this week that a lie about earning a Ph.D. cost a Syria expert her job as an analyst days after her op-ed in the Wall Street Journal was cited by Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator John McCain in congressional hearings about possible U.S. military action in the war-torn country. Elizabeth O’Bagy, […]