HireRight Katowice Wins ‘Friendly Work Environment’ Award

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Manpower Award HireRight 2017

ManPower’s ‘Friendly Work Environment’ Award

We are delighted to announce that HireRight’s Katowice office has received a Manpower ‘Friendly Work Environment’ award. ‘Friendly Work Environment’ is a contest in which Manpower rewards their clients (around 500 companies in Poland who employ temporary workers). In the competition for the title of a Friendly Work Environment among all Manpower clients, only 29 received the above-mentioned distinction.

HireRight Poland Manpower Award

For the company to be awarded the title of a Friendly Work Environment, it had to collect a certain number of points in 11 categories. The categories are:

  1. The result of the Satisfaction Survey of Temporary Employees (carried out twice a year)
  2. Optional pay supplements (bonuses, awards)
  3. Package of benefits, such as private medical care, co-financing of sports and recreation cards, co-financing for meals, co-financing of transport (paid by PU)
  4. Organizational culture
  5. Opinions about the company
  6. Christmas parcels / children / Nicholas Day etc.
  7. Acquisitions from temp to perm
  8. Stability of employment
  9. Career path and employee training (training, courses, and promotions)
  10. Working conditions and compliance with health and safety
  11. Amount of remuneration

HireRight Poland Manpower Award 2017

So what is it like working at HireRight in our Katowice office? We asked Dawid Slusarczyk from our Katowice team about his experiences working at HireRight, starting with the recruitment process and onboarding.

Joining HireRight

Before my interview for HireRight, I knew nothing about the company apart from the very basics that I could find on the internet. I was hoping to find an employer who would finally recognize what I represent as a potential employee, but also as a person with a very specific skill-set, mind-set and needs.

From the start, I was surprised not only by how professional the recruitment process was, but also that it made me feel that my qualifications were appreciated and would be put to a good use. Positive feedback provided during the recruitment phase and support throughout the process was unmatched with any other companies I previously worked for. An important part of the decision to join HireRight was that I really felt that I was treated by the potential employer as a person and not a stack of data on the top of the resume pile. If you can work with people who feel they are a part of something, it makes all the difference, therefore my decision to join was simple.

Working at HireRight

During my first few weeks with the company, my focus was to learn as much as possible and ask about anything that would help me understand my future responsibilities. As the training continued, it struck me how much support I received from the training personnel, Human Resources, as well as my new team along with my team leader. People who I barely knew offered to help me with a smile and patience.

In a busy work environment, it can be easy to fall into a routine and forget about a proper work-life balance, or feel overwhelmed with responsibilities. That is why it’s crucial to know that I can always count on my colleagues. One of the reasons I appreciate working at HireRight is that I know I don’t need to be afraid to admit that I don’t know something or I’m not sure how to proceed. We don’t expect that people will automatically know everything and, for us, the more questions we’re asked, the more we know that people are engaged and really want to learn the answers.

We also make sure that those questions are met with answers that all of our employees can benefit from and grow from, and then help other people to grow. Any experience that is helpful on a daily basis is shared with the teams, further improving overall reliability and reducing the chances that an unexpected situation will surprise us.

The appreciation of our co-workers does not end when the work hours are over – at HireRight we engage in multiple post-work sports, charity work, and other pastime activities on a daily basis. This wouldn’t be possible without a mutual understanding, respect, and employees sharing values that are in-line with the corporate values – the famous HireRight CORE4.

Overall, I know from experience that together we can overcome any difficulties, find solutions, and succeed in every project we participate in. It is often said that in many work environments that the people you work with are the most important part of any organization – I am proud to say that at HireRight we can firmly stand by those words.

Find out more about why our employees love working here in our video, ‘Welcome to HireRight’, below or view our current vacancies here.



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