What’s the Risk with Temporary Workers?

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According to PWC’s ‘The Future of Work, a Journey to 2022’, there will be a big leap in the proportion of contractors making up the workforce. Hiring temporary staff may be a great way to bring in specialist skills and expertise, but many companies don’t identify the risks associated, often neglecting to screen vendors and contractors.

This gap in screening policy is a known hole, and fraudsters can often target these roles as a chance to get into your business unnoticed and unchecked. While the recruitment agencies may themselves conduct background checks on candidates, there is no guarantee that these checks will be as stringent as your own, meaning there could be a significant difference in procedure. That gap could leave you in the same situation as if there were no screening procedures in place.

Think of it like this; temporary workers often have the same access as your permanent staff to computer systems, customer information, intellectual property, and potentially your financial details. So why should you treat them differently in the background screening process?

Ensuring a comprehensive screening policy in place is vital to help mitigate the risk posed by temporary staff. Read our checklist below, and make sure you are doing all you can to protect your company.

HireRight’s checklist for conducting background screening on temporary or contract staff.
  • Extend your requirements to recruitment agencies working on your behalf, and to firms delivering your outsourced services.
  • Understand the importance of background screening in risk mitigation. It should be used on ALL employees regardless of their contract type. Otherwise you risk leaving a gap that can be exploited.
  • Plan in advance. Recognise the key peaks when you will need additional staff and plan your hiring and screening needs accordingly to make sure you are not left rushing, or worse, skipping vital steps.
  • And as always, use a background screening criteria that is appropriate to the risk profile of the role being filled.

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