How to get a Candidate Prepared for Screening

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We all recognise the importance of the candidate experience in the background screening process; a bad experience might put off even the most enthusiastic of candidates. One way to help make the background screening as smooth as possible is to get the candidate fully prepared for what is to come. Providing them information up front and being open to answering their questions is key to reducing anxiety and giving a great first impression.

So how can a candidate prepare for a background check? Some useful advice for helping candidates be ready for when their screening starts:

  • Have an up-to-date CV with full and accurate contact information so they can easily refer to it when completing background check requests
  • Research their own history. Particularly useful is to go through things that you may wish to verify, such as employment dates, job titles, and salaries.
  • Gather diplomas and transcripts backing up educational experience, and have to hand files of pay slips or tax forms from past employers.
  • Make lists of pertinent personal details, such as past addresses and current driver’s license numbers.

In addition to this, you may want to provide access to a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions, such as HireRight’s own candidate FAQ’s. This will not only help your candidates feel better about the process, but could also save you time by proactively providing the answers.

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