Top 5 Background Screening Challenges

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When it comes to conducting background screening on employees, speed and efficiency are two of EMEA HR departments’ key struggles. But there is a balancing act to create between efficiency gains and ensuring that checks are thorough and help make the best hiring decisions.

Our 2016 research of EMEA HR departments has provided insight into the top 5 most significant screening challenges faced:

  1. Reducing time to hire

This may be an obvious one for many in HR. Speed has become a priority concern for many departments as their workloads continue to increase, and pressure grows from the business to get new hires in swiftly.

  1. Improving overall efficiency in the screening process

Linked to the top challenge, improving efficiency generally in the background screening process is another area of focus for EMEA HR teams. Whether it is getting a check started, analysing the reports, or investigating anomalies, it’s important that the process is as easy and efficient as possible, which is where having a background screening partner such as HireRight can really pay off.

  1. Ensuring a positive candidate experience

Making sure all candidates have a positive experience has become a crucial considerations for companies, especially in the modern age of the candidate market. Creating a great experience can be a challenge, see how LinkedIn do it here, and screening is a vital part of a great experience. Your screening provider reflects your brand, so it’s important to ensure their process matches your own companies expectations when it comes to the candidate experience.

  1. Verifying information

The key reason for doing background checks is to verify information, yet 35% of respondents still suggested that this was a challenge for them. Getting expert help from screening specialists can ensure that information is verified without the hassle.

  1. Getting quality information

Similar to verifying information, 33% of respondents said they had difficulty even getting quality information. This can mean a loss of efficiency with time wasted on the process of screening employees.

We are now conducting the survey for our 2017 report! Lend your voice and let us know what challenges you expect in 2017, the trends you see in screening, and the key considerations for the year ahead. By completing the survey you will receive a copy of the report when it is released. The survey closes on 30 September, so don’t miss out!

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