4 Benefits of Video Interviews

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Video Interview

In the digital age, it’s becoming more and more likely that the first time you meet your future employee will be by video call. But can video calls be as effective for evaluating whether someone is right for a role?

There are many benefits of conducting an interview by video:

  1. Convenience: With the workforce becoming ever more globalised and companies expanding their reach for candidates further than ever, conducting first round interviews by video certainly saves time and money for both the candidate, and the company, with no petrol fees, no parking fees and no travel time. It can also be less intimidating for some candidates, after all, in a video interview the candidates can dress more comfortably!
  1. Recordable: The ability to record the interview is one of the biggest benefits to the method. If there are members of staff who need a say in the hiring process, but can’t make the interview time, recording the interview allows any necessary member of staff to view at a time convenient to them.
  1. Revealing: In many hiring situations, you may be uncertain on a candidate, or have difficulty choosing between a number of candidates. With a recorded video interview you have the opportunity to review any interview to see how it went, analyse the candidate in more scrutiny, and potentially notice things you missed the first time around. It also allows you to match up what a candidate says in an interview with their claims on an application.
  1. Enriched ExperienceAs Recruiter point out, an often overlooked aspect of video interviewing is the multimedia functions it allows. The interview can become a more immersive experience, with live work samples, online portfolios and presentations all part of the discussion.


HireRight’s EMEA and APAC HR Director, Becky Mossman recently gave an interview on the topic. You can see the full article here.




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