Best practices and practical solutions to the global background check conundrum

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In a 2012 KPMG survey, 75% of American executives said they were expanding globally and 70% explicitly stated that they planned to expand their international employee base.

For such multinationals, the dynamic and global workforce offers a unique opportunity to hire high-caliber talent.

However, for the recruiters who must source global candidates, the myriad of complex issues surrounding background checks of international candidates can be quite daunting. This is not just another check-box exercise, nor is it a matter to simply overlook.

For example, HireRight’s Q2 2014 background screening data indicated that up to 52% of candidate background checks conducted in Europe and Asia contained either a mis-statement or an inaccuracy.

Consequently, human resources managers need to ensure that the international candidates they are considering do, in fact, possess the experience and credentials they claim to have.

As companies conduct their due diligence verifications, a broad hotchpotch of cultural sensitivities, privacy and labour/employment laws, data protection, and information security requirements must all be respected and adhered to.

Navigating this landscape can be tricky, especially for organisations that are looking to scale their global operations.

There is, however, no need to reinvent the wheel. Many companies have successfully hired top-caliber candidates at international locales, while also balancing their risk profile and complying with local laws.

Those that succeed tend to adhere to established best practices (Table 1) in global background screening.








For globally oriented businesses, the message is clear: growing operations overseas or hiring qualified foreign candidates are not just ways to meet critical recruiting goals but are increasingly becoming business imperatives.




HireRight is here to help guide you through the biggest screening challenges so you can focus on what’s important to you; attracting top talent. HireRight provides employment background screening services to organisations of any size, in every industry, and nearly anywhere.

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