The Power of Our Partnership: HireRight + Greenhouse

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“The Future of Work is here.” This is a popular sentiment within the human resources space, but what does it really mean? For HireRight partner Greenhouse, it means helping people-first companies unlock human potential by powering their workforce systems to hire great talent. Having a great recruitment program is not just about having an effective […]

Streamline Your Hiring Strategy with HireRight + iCIMS

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Amid the great resignation, employers face a multitude of challenges. They struggle to hire quickly and safely, keep current employees engaged and happy, and manage all the other fundamentals of Human Resources (HR). How can HR teams stay productive and meet their goals during these difficult times?   Imagine working with multiple solutions to manage your […]

HireRight Hot Takes: Three Key Takeaways from UKG Connections

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To provide employers with more options and a better way of managing their employee screening programs, HireRight partners with the industry’s leading Human Resources (HR) services and Applicant Tracking (ATS) providers to deliver workforce solutions for our shared customers. Recently, we had the opportunity to attend UKG Connections – an annual user conference held by […]

Integrating ATS with background screening

How Your Organization Can Benefit from Integrated ATS and Background Check Solutions

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Bah, humbug! ‘Tis the season for curmudgeons, and Ebenezer Scrooge is your paragon of grumpiness. The man was irked by virtually everything. If he were here today, ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future notwithstanding, he’d probably bemoan how frustrating it is when some phone support rep tells him to provide his name and account […]

The Truth About Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

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Over the years, we’ve seen a great many questions posed by job candidates about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and erroneous beliefs as to how ATS actually work, how they review and qualify candidates, and what benefits they provide to both the candidate and the employer.

We take a look at the some basics every job applicant should understand and then clear up some assumptions and misinformation about this very important component to the job application process.


“I’ve already provided this information!” – How an integrated ATS and screening solution can help HR and stop irritating candidates.

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Few things bother consumers as much as having a phone support rep tell them to provide their account number, even though they already had to enter it just to be able to speak with the rep to begin with. Unfortunately for HR, this also occurs frequently during job applications, especially when the applicant tracking system […]