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Welcome to another episode of Behind the Screens, a HireRight video series that highlights the latest in recruiting, compliance, screening, and more. In this episode, host Suzanne DeBow is joined by Ryan Christensen, General Manager, Latin America at HireRight.

In this episode, Ryan and Suzanne discuss the state of background screening in Latin America and how it differs from screening practices in the United States. As companies hire teams in different countries, it’s important for HR managers to understand the different requirements in compliance.

Key Points

  1. In Latin America, most searches continue to be relatively manual which can lead to longer processing times.
  2. The Latin America region comprises dozens of countries and territories, each with their own cultural nuances, which makes it crucial for our team to explain why screening is so important.
  3. The screening landscape continues to evolve in Latin America, and employers need to stay ahead of the curve.

Listen to the episode now or read the transcript below.


SUZANNE: Hello, and welcome to Behind the Screens with HireRight. I’m Suzanne DeBow.

RYAN: I’m Ryan, General Manager, Latin America at HireRight.

SUZANNE: in this episode, we will be talking about Background Screening in Latin America. Can you tell us a little bit about what background screening is like in Latin America, and how does it differ from the U.S. and the rest of the world?

RYAN: The concept of background screening for employment purposes continues to become a more familiar and even expected part of the selection process for both employers and their candidates. In the United States, employers have been screening candidates for decades. As a result, process automation and data clearinghouses exist which shortens the time required to complete a check. In Latin America, most searches continue to be relatively manual which then requires a few more days to complete. Over time, I believe this is likely to change as more and more employers in the region begin to adopt employment screening within their onboarding programs.

SUZANNE: What are some of the unique challenges that clients in Latin America experience?

RYAN: The LATAM region is comprised of dozens of countries and territories, each with their own cultural nuances, methods to access information depending on available infrastructure. These elements can make it challenging when screening candidates in various locations around the region. Because of these variables, we’ve learned it’s essential to spend time with our customers to review the “whys” and the “hows” an effective and compliant background check is delivered.

SUZANNE: How has background screening changed in the last 10 years in the region?

RYAN: The landscape of employment screening in LATAM has shifted significantly in the last decade. Not long ago, it was common for employers to undergo some form of vetting which was often done in secret and without the knowledge or consent of the individual. Today, with the introduction of local data privacy and protection regimes (LGPD in Brazil, for example) employers must operate in a more transparent manner and seek input and cooperation from the candidate. We had found there is value for employers in Latin America to clarify to candidates that an employment screen is not a “witch-hunt”or investigation, rather, is a process to verify the information already provided by the candidate.

SUZANNE: Thank you Ryan! This has been another episode of Behind the Screens with HireRight. We will see you next time!

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