The Power of Our Partnership: HireRight + Greenhouse

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“The Future of Work is here.” This is a popular sentiment within the human resources space, but what does it really mean? For HireRight partner Greenhouse, it means helping people-first companies unlock human potential by powering their workforce systems to hire great talent.

Having a great recruitment program is not just about having an effective team of recruiters and the right software, it’s also about leveraging authentic partnerships. HireRight and Greenhouse have worked together since 2015 to integrate an innovative and precise background screening solution with a people-focused recruitment system. Together, our partnership has helped hundreds of organizations hire and onboard their workforce quickly and efficiently.

HireRight offers human resources professionals the ability to order background screening services directly within the Greenhouse Recruiting platform. This partnership offers employers a faster and more efficient way to identify top talent, reducing the time to hire. Recruiters can create new background screenings, check the status of their orders, and view screening results all within the Greenhouse Recruiting platform. Meanwhile, the candidate experiences a speedy, seamless process, which leads to a higher quality and overall faster hire.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Garret Starr, Director of Partnerships at Greenhouse. Garret shares with us how Greenhouse is able to help employers make smarter hiring decisions, help to solve recruiting challenges, and measure their outstanding DE&I efforts.

Garret, can you tell us what makes Greenhouse different in the marketplace?
Greenhouse is the hiring software leader, focused on helping people-first companies become great at hiring through a powerful hiring approach, a complete suite of software and services, Hiring MaturityTM methodology, and large partner ecosystem – so companies can hire for what’s next. With Greenhouse, organizations create a better candidate experience, make better hiring decisions, achieve a higher ROI, and build stronger, more diverse teams more effectively.

HR professionals are facing major challenges around hiring and recruiting. How can Greenhouse help solve these challenges?
Greenhouse has a mission to help companies get better at hiring. One mis-hire can easily cost $100,000 or more through lost productivity, re-hiring costs, project delays, and more factors. Most organizations make several mis-hires annually, costing millions of dollars – not to mention lost productivity and an inability to hit goals. Greenhouse enables organizations to make smarter hiring decisions based on data with a structured hiring process that is consistent, fair, and transparent.

Some of the Greenhouse tools and capabilities that give companies a competitive edge include:

  • Interview kits and scorecards to empower hiring teams to make educated and insightful decisions
  • A centralized and transparent, company-wide hub to allow everyone in your hiring panel assess candidate strengths, skills and weaknesses
  • Out-of-the-box robust, flexible reporting tools that make it easy to get answers from hiring data, giving everyone the insights, they need to make better, more informed hiring decisions.

Enhance your Hiring with HireRight + Greenhouse

The Greenhouse Hiring Cloud can certainly help HR with these challenges. How is it unique? Can you tell us more about it?

More than a marketplace of add-ons or plug-ins, the Greenhouse Hiring Cloud was developed with a customer-first philosophy: open APIs will allow for frictionless integrations so that customers can create their ideal hiring stack.

The Hiring Cloud allows customers to think of – and solve for – every step and dimension of their hiring process. The Greenhouse Hiring Cloud offers our customers three distinct benefits:

  • Breadth: Meeting hiring needs with a breadth of integrations. With the Hiring Cloud, companies have access to a wide range of integrations. From sourcing and scheduling to DE&I and automation, you’re able to solve every aspect of the hiring experience. And regardless of how many or what types of pre-built integrations there are, we don’t charge our customers integration fees.
  • Future-proof: Ongoing and continuous access to the best integrations. Businesses today are looking to future-proof their tech stacks – and Greenhouse is here to help. Customers will always find the most innovative and unified integrations on the Greenhouse platform, because the Greenhouse Hiring Cloud attracts “first and best” partners – exactly what the most progressive companies are looking to work alongside. The Greenhouse Hiring Cloud has over 400+ top-quality integrations, ensuring that we have the best integrations to meet your evolving needs.
  • Configurability: Configure and customize your own hiring stack. The Greenhouse Hiring Cloud is uniquely configurable to your needs. Businesses of any size can easily choose and turn on pre-built and Customer-Preferred integrations on-demand, with additional access available to Greenhouse Services and a network of System Integrators.

Garrett, Greenhouse makes DE&I a priority for your workplace. Can you tell us more about what Greenhouse does to encourage diversity in the workplace?
We believe that inclusive cultures build stronger businesses. One of our Greenhouse culture values is belonging, setting the foundation for people from diverse backgrounds to be their most authentic selves and do their best work. To support this, Greenhouse has built solutions to address unconscious bias throughout every stage of the hiring process to help all companies create more inclusive, diverse teams.

At its core, the structured hiring process is built to mitigate bias and ensure that assumptions don’t interfere with the chance of hiring a great candidate. Each candidate is evaluated consistently and fairly on the same standards and decision criteria.

Additional functionality within Greenhouse to provide a more fair hiring experience include Candidate Name Pronunciation and Candidate Pronouns, to make candidates feel heard, valued and respected from their very first interactions with your company.

Organizations can measure their own progress towards an inclusive hiring practice. From demographic questions at the moment of application to pipeline assessment and Demographic reports – you’ll have a holistic view of your diversity impact in hiring.

Why do you like working with HireRight?
Partnering with HireRight empowers our shared customers to bring clarity and confidence to their hiring decisions. For over seven years, our solutions have helped hundreds of companies to effectively screen candidates while maintaining superior candidate and hiring manager experience.

Would you like to learn more about HireRight and Greenhouse? Learn more about the power of our partnership here: HireRight + Greenhouse.

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