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Criminal Records Checks

Full Criminal Background Checks on Potential Employees

When hiring a new employee, there are a number of things your company needs to take into account. Skills, experience and attitude should always be considered, but it's important that you don't neglect to carry out a criminal record search on your potential new recruit.

HireRight can deliver a range of criminal record searches across the globe. 

Don't Take the Risk – Safeguard Your Organisation

In some roles, such as financially regulated work or working with vulnerable groups, a criminal check is a legal requirement. But more businesses across the region are performing regular background checks regardless of the role.

Conducting a criminal record search allows you to make an educated decision on the suitability of a candidate. Even if a crime does not automatically disqualify the applicant, you'll be best placed to make a decision on whether their criminal background could cause undue risk to your business.

Key Benefits
  • Identifying potentially risky hires
  • Helping safeguard your organisation’s reputation
  • Protecting organisational assets

Cost Effective Criminal Record Searches

HireRight provides one of the most cost-effective and efficient background checking services available. We have access to criminal record searches all over the world, where permissable. So no matter who your candidate is, and no matter what role you're advertising, we'll provide the peace of mind that comes with a full criminal record search.

Using HireRight's criminal record search can help reduce background screen turnaround time and provide more comprehensive results than independently conducted searches.

  • HireRight's 2021 Global Benchmark Survey found that 62% of respondents from APAC conducted pre-employment criminal background checks on their candidates.